Jamie Bardales

We stopped looking for monsters under our bed when when were children, when we realized they live inside of us

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You know, the other day,
we were in class
talking about marriage.
And our teacher was married and
she told us that marriage wasn’t
easy and that
we were much too young
to understand love.
She told us love wasn’t like
how it looks
in the movies.
That when marrying someone,
and spending the rest of your life with them, you had to deal with
bills and stinky morning breath
and I heard, “Ewww”
all across the room.
And she told us that
they hadn’t ever thought about it
that way.
But I have.
I never thought of you as a girl
from a fairytale.
I never thought our life
would consist of
waking up in a castle
with maids.
I imagined you and I,
waking up next to one another
with yes, morning breath.
And it isn’t disgusting to me.
I thought about all the times
we would have to
cut down on something to
pay our bills and the
argument we would have when
I had spent too much on
our dogs chew toys.
But I also thought about the
evenings we would spend
alone in our apartment,
just reminiscing.
I thought about the cold nights
that I would hold your hand
and win you stuffed animals
at the carnival.
I thought about all the times
I would tell a joke
and make
your lips curve.
Yes, there will be bad times.
But you are so worth it.
So if I have to deal with some stinky
breath and arguments,
I would do it.
I would do anything
to see you smiling.
So don’t tell me I’m too young
to understand love.
Because I understand that
some good moments
with you,
are worth all of those bad days.
M.O.W, I am not too young to want to spend eternity by your side (via imwritingpoems)

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